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Daughter Janhvi Kapoor’s Words For Sridevi Will Leave You Teary Eyed

Daughter Janhvi Kapoor’s Words For Sridevi Will Leave You Teary Eyed

Since the news of Sridevi’s demise broke out, a lot has been speculated, commented and said about the actress. Fans all over the country have been glued to their television sets, hoping to get closure about this influential woman’s sudden and untimely death. The nation was struck with grief, with fans and celebrities paying their own tributes to Sridevi. All in remembrance of the legend that she was.

But amongst all the chaos and confusion, we were greeted with a sobering moment in the form of daughter, Janhvi Kapoor’s heartfelt message posted on the debut actress’ Instagram page. On her birthday, the young actress decided to open up about her family’s tragedy, for the first time in public, and give her own account of the suffering and grief that Sridevi’s passing away has left behind.


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“My friends always said I’m perpetually happy, and now I realise it was because of you. Nothing anyone said mattered, no problem was big enough, and no day could ever be dull because i had you. And you loved me.” In her own words, Jhanvi expressed the importance that parents hold in shaping their children’s lives. We are glad that the Janhvi has put out this message, it’s exactly what should remain as legacy of the beloved actress. Everything else, is just noise!