I'm Sly, I Drop Hints: Janhvi Kapoor Dishes On Her Dating Moves & We're Taking Notes

I'm Sly, I Drop Hints: Janhvi Kapoor Dishes On Her Dating Moves & We're Taking Notes

In 2021, there's hardly a person who has not got at least a few dating moves up their sleeves. While some of us like to go all out like Joey Tribbiani and ask 'how you doin'?', some like to keep it straight and simple. Whatever the style, there's no denying that we all have learnt a few tricks when it comes to the art of flirting. After all, we need to keep up in this digital era, where every other app on our phones serves as a dating app.

However, it's quite intriguing to think about how our celebrities like to approach their crush or their flirting techniques. Interestingly enough, we have some scoop on how Janhvi Kapoor likes to make her moves when it comes to dating.


During an interview with Kareena Kapoor Khan on her chat show What Women Want, Janhvi revealed that she likes to keep her approach subtle and simple. She said, "I am very sly. I will drop my hints but I won't make it too obvious till I know the other person is for sure interested. But mazaa aata hai na thoda sa aise eyelash bat karne mein, mazaaki banne mein (it is fun to bat eyelashes and have a fun banter). I enjoy the attention. I have never made the first move. I am a little bit of a phattu (coward) like that.” 

Honestly, we totes get what Janhvi means! We all have been there where we just want to take the backseat and let our crush make the first move instead. And, we definitely agree that eyelash-batting can sometimes really heat up things.

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This is not the first time that Jahnvi has made some revelations about her dating life. She made some quirky confessions during her appearance on Koffee with Karan's season 6 as well. The actress said that she used to check on a food delivery app if she and her person of interest had similar food choices. She revealed, "I'm more likely to look for dating prospects on Zomato or something so I’d look for people who are going to the same restaurants as me and know what their food preferences are.”

Okay, that's a brilliant idea and we're totally taking notes! Are you? 

Feature Image: Instagram