#VideoOfTheDay: Here's What It Feels Like To Do You Makeup Sitting In 5000 Pounds of Jello!

#VideoOfTheDay: Here's What It Feels Like To Do You Makeup Sitting In 5000 Pounds of Jello!

Youtube is my recreation and also the reason for my procrastination, so much so that I use 'YouTubing' as a verb when I stop responding to texts. Saying something like, "sorry I was YouTubing" is now a norm.  I watch a lot of OG YouTubers and Rachel Levin, known as RCLbeauty101 has been one of my favourites for a while. Her Disney princesses doing things series always cracks me up. But the more I write about beauty the lesser I have been watching her. All of that changed last night! 

She recently put up a video with James Charles, the rockstar who got famous as the kid who didn't like his senior picture and so he went and clicked it again. That's all? No! He went and took his ring light with him so his highlighter could pop! He is an amazing makeup artist and has a fun vibe on his YouTube channel. This collab was definitely something that I needed.

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First of all 5000 Pounds of Jello, WHAT! I, of course, loved the makeup, but if you think this was a fluffy random video as many others, you are SO wrong. Things got deep and pretty real, real soon. While they were doing their makeup, James asked Rachel a lot of hard-hitting questions. Things about YouTube back then and now, how her demographic has changed, how she feels about the content that she does. But it wasn't all serious chit chat, c'mon they were in a tub filled with JELLO! 

James also taught Rachel his special slang. Seriously, watch this if you're a makeup junkie but need a break from the major tutorials!

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