Jacqueline's Stage Makeup For The Da-Bangg Tour Is A Glitter Fiesta!

Jacqueline's Stage Makeup For The Da-Bangg Tour Is A Glitter Fiesta!

We have been religiously following Da-Bangg The Tour - Reloaded. It has Salman Khan performing along with Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandez, Daisy Shah, Maniesh Paul and Guru Randhawa, currently in Atlanta, Georgia. Since we're a team of women obsessed with makeup and hair looks, that's the first thing we notice. While Katrina's lustrous mane is making us green with envy, what really caught my attention was Jacqueline's makeup. 

It started with her embodying Ariana Grande's hairstyle and embellished cat ears headband. But then THIS happened!

Of course, stage makeup is a whole other world so I'm not saying this is the look I am going to try tomorrow but I just LOVE the way it looks! Let's get a closer look. 


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I love the cat-eye, voluminous lashes. And I'm especially a fan of the stunning pink and purple eyeshadow, it is beautifully contrasting with her outfit. Finally, the super long braid and headgear gave me some Avatar-esque vibes. Her makeup artist Shaan Muttathil outdid himself on the makeup.

I thought we were done with the tour in Atlanta. But then, they moved on to their next location and Jacqueline posted THIS on her stories from her LA show. 

image from ios

Image from iOS

The whole outfit was doused in pink and everything else is fuschia. This look has got such a Coachella vibe, right?

For now, I am done stalking them but I am desperately waiting for what Shaan will come up with NEXT!