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Anshuman From Jab We Met Is The Fuck Boy That Geet Warned Us About

Anshuman From Jab We Met Is The Fuck Boy That Geet Warned Us About

It’s been 10 years since Geet and Aditya from Jab We Met became our favourite love story. Yes! 10 years! Feeling old, yet?

It remains the one movie we can watch on repeat and there is nothing that we don’t love about it. From the amazing ‘pind’ culture to seeing a part of us in Geet, we can just watch this movie on loop. Right, girls?

Towards the end of the movie, we all hoped she’d run into selfless Aditya’s arms and not give in to sleazebag that was Anshuman. And she did! But, while watching this movie on a lazy Saturday morning, I had a few thoughts - musings, if you will - about Anshuman. How he is actually the ultimate fuck boy of all times. So, basically, he was the warning that I should have taken seriously when I was 15, but I didn’t. Needless to say, I (along with so many other girls) have been attracting little Anshumans into my life since forever!

We all have had (or still have) men who are their own versions of ‘that boy’ in our life. They like to stay with us in every possible way - as long as it suits their whims, of course - but will just refuse to commit, whatsoever. And the day, we decide to take a little step towards the future, they back off! We probably should have seen it coming but we never do. We should be able to take subtle hints but hum sabko bhi bachpan se shadi karne ka bohot craze hota hai by God!

Don’t take me wrong when I say this but everyone has a different version of a love story! While it may last for some, it leads others to an unimaginable state of mind for others. So, this guy, Anshuman, basically was the truest form of a fuck boy one has seen. He will fuck with you, not take any responsibilities and then, abandon you when you need him the most.

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This is that guy who walks in on all our childhood fantasies and exposes us to the darker side of adulthood. He will take away a part of us that everyone was once very fond of. In short, we will never be ourselves again! He makes us realise that no matter how positive we may be, the tunnel is always dark. And just when you’re about to move on, he will come back, to confuse you and fuck with your mind, AGAIN! Basically, there is no stopping him!

But, you know what? There is light at the end of every tunnel. There is always an Aditya who will meet us out of nowhere and fill us up with all the love. There is always going to be a happy ending because the universe is full of love and the one you’re meant to be with is definitely on the lookout for you. And so ladies, no matter how many Anshumans come your way, there is always going to be an Aditya who will give you so much more love!


And till then, try not to mistake an Anshuman for an Aditya.