Good To Be Back In My Country: Says Commander Abhinandan After Stepping On Indian Soil

Good To Be Back In My Country: Says Commander Abhinandan After Stepping On Indian Soil

It's been a terrifying time for Indians and Pakistanis over the last few days. Tensions have risen and retaliation from both sides have taken place after the Pulwama attack. But with the amount of media coverage it has been getting, we're pretty sure you're all caught up. 

Last night, Friday at 9:21 pm, we received the happy news that our brave Wing Commander Abhinandan Vartham has finally placed his foot back on Indian soil. After he was held captive in Pakistan for almost 60 hours, we were all teary-eyed and exalted at the same time that our fighter was finally back home. 

Yesterday, since the morning, there were small hinderances and minor hiccups in his return home. However, this could not contain the zeal and josh among his countrymen who eagerly waited for his safe return. People danced and made merry and even tweeted about what a victory it is for the country that our hero is back.

Abhinandan was dressed in a navy blue coat, a white shirt unbuttoned at the top and grey trousers, and with his patent moustache, he stood in a calm and composed manner at Pakistan's side of the Wagha border. As he walked to the Indian side, he shook the hands of two Indian Armed soldiers and said, "It is good to be back in my country." 

As a token of appreciation, the BCCI also released a jersey in honour of the braveheart and we're lauding along. 

We are so thankful to have you back, Wing Commander. The nation salutes you!

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