It’s A Choice I Made: Shruti Haasan On Plastic Surgery & Why There's No Need To Be Ashamed

It’s A Choice I Made: Shruti Haasan On Plastic Surgery & Why There's No Need To Be Ashamed

As lucrative as the charms of the entertainment industry happen to be, it does come with its share of downsides. For a lot of people in the industry, this manifests in the form of unrealistic beauty standards and consequent body image issues. There is always this desire to somehow change a certain aspect of one's body to look better to fit well within these 'standards'. And as problematic as the entire idea of surgically altering one's body might be, people often give in owing to the insurmountable pressure to look a certain way. And at the end of the day, they have the right to make changes to their body. And if they're happy, who are we to judge them?

If you were to ask actress Shruti Haasan, she is of the belief that while there does exist some pressure to look a certain way, going under the knife is more of a personal choice that she also made at a point in her life. Speaking about the same, she shared in a recent media statement, "There was a time I listened to the pressure. As far as my nose surgery goes, it’s a choice I made, even after my first film was done because my nose was broken. I didn’t like the way it felt. I didn’t like the way it looked. It was a personal choice. Nobody asked me to fix it. When it came to fillers… They said, ‘Shruti’s face is very Western, it’s very sharp, it’s very masculine.’ I was constantly hearing this and I did do non-invasive, temporary procedures, which I have been very open about.”

However, she also added that while doesn't she necessarily promote going under the knife, this is also something that one shouldn't be ashamed of. “If there are any actresses telling you they haven’t done it, they are blatantly lying because people’s faces don’t change that much. But it’s just something that I wanted to talk about. I don’t propagate it. What I’m trying to say is… It could be something from colouring your hair, like women who are Indian who feel they need to bleach their skin or dye their hair blonde or wear blue contact’s the same thing, right? You don’t need to fit into anything, you do what you have to do. If a woman in her 40s feels, I want Botox because it makes me feel better, that’s her choice. And if she feels, this is not what I want, that is her choice. I felt I should be honest about my journey,” she added. 

It was earlier this year in February that Shruti first opened up about her plastic surgery after getting criticized for some pictures posted by her. Stressing on how nobody has the right to judge another person, Shruti wrote a note, "Spread love and be chill. I'm learning every day to love me for me just a little more because the greatest love story of my life is with myself and I hope yours is too."


In the post, she also talked about how we really should not be judging people on the basis of how they look and that it was literally her body to do whatever she wants to do with it anyway. "I’m happy to say this is my life my face and yes I’ve had plastic surgery which I’m not ashamed to admit. Do I promote it ? No am I against it ? No - it’s just how I choose to live. The biggest favour we can do for ourselves and others is just be and learn to accept the changes and the movement of our bodies and minds," she wrote. 

Now, that's actually a boss way of dealing with it and like Shruti said, we don't get to judge people based on whether or not they have been under the knife. Also, kudos to her for coming out with her experience so candidly. You go girl!

Featured Image: Instagram