Isabella Rossellini Becomes Face Of Lancome At 65, Proving Beauty Knows No Age

Isabella Rossellini Becomes Face Of Lancome At 65, Proving Beauty Knows No Age

As someone who loves to encourage body positivity for all ages, race and shape, when I wake up to a news like a talented 65-year-old actress nabbing a beauty campaign, it makes my day. As one of Lancôme's longtime leading ladies, Isabella Rossellini has reclaimed her spot and this time it has a purpose.

The iconic Italian beauty has returned to her ambassador position at the age of 65 to prove that beauty is ageless. Rossellini started working with the beauty brand in 1982 at the age of 30. The deal, at that time, made her the highest paid model in the world.

She exited her tenure with the brand at 43 and shared with The Cut that it was because “They told me they needed somebody younger. The advertising was aspirational, and even though they have clients of many ages, the desire was for youth.” After a decade, at the age of 63, she resigned her contract in 2015 but with limited campaign exposure. She said, “Things change. They tell me my name comes up in their market research still. And now I’m new again! There are very few 64-year-olds — I turn 64 in June — representing a cosmetic company.”  

Today, two years later, Rossellini is officially back. She took to Instagram to share her upcoming campaign images (un-retouched ones), which were shot by the legendary Peter Lindbergh for brand’s Rénergie Multi-Glow collection.

“I am glad that after 25 years I am featuring in a @lancomeofficial campaign again—shot by the one and only @therealpeterlindbergh,” Rossellini shared. With this campaign, Rossellini has become a part of over 50-year-old legendary women such as Jane Fonda, Helen Mirren, Maye Musk, who are dominating the beauty industry by proudly displaying their age with grace in their beauty campaigns.