After Announcing McDreamy's Return, Is Grey's Anatomy All Set To Bring Back Christina?

After Announcing McDreamy's Return, Is Grey's Anatomy All Set To Bring Back Christina?

Unless you've been marooned on a deserted island, you'd know that Grey's Anatomy recently broke the internet. How, you ask, marooned island resident? Well, the show made an announcement that made fans go into a frenzy--popular character Derek Shepherd will be returning to the show for Season 17!

Sure, let's not forget that Meredith's *McDreamy* husband is dead (on the show, not IRL!), and he'll only be appearing 'in her dreams'. But the sight of a beloved character (figuratively) coming back to life is nostalgic and exciting. But the return of Patrick Dempsey has sparked fans' imagination...who are now wondering if there's a possibility that other characters who left the show will be back too? Well, if you want specifics, then yes, the return of Christina Yang is very much anticipated in the new season. But is it fanfic or are the creators actually planning to bring this iconic character back?

Well, Grey's Anatomy's showrunner Krista Vernoff did recently drop some ~intriguing~ hints about more returning characters on Meredith's dream beach. She told international publication Deadline in an interview, "You have to tune in and see who comes to the beach."

And that one, super vague line was enough for fans to go off with their conspiracy theories. One particular fan made an interesting discovery on the show's IMDB page. The website has updated the most recent appearance date for several former cast members is 2020, and guess what? Actor Sandra Oh is on the list! Don't believe us? See for yourselves:

This has to mean something, right? RIGHT?

Sandra Oh left the show back in 2014, but she has been mentioned in several episodes. Do you remember that one scene in Season 16, where Meredith received texts from Cristina saying that she sent her "a gift"? And as it turns out, that gift was Dr Cormac "McWidow" Hayes (Richard Flood), who Cristina hoped could be Meredith's new partner. 

As nice as it is for Christina to be mentioned on the show, for once we'd actually like to SEE her in the flesh (on screen, of course). But will she actually return to the show, or is this just a red herring? Guess we will HAVE to tune in to find out!

Featured Image: ABC