Man Admits He Doesn't Have A Bedside Preference & Twitter Has The Funniest Reaction!

Man Admits He Doesn't Have A Bedside Preference & Twitter Has The Funniest Reaction!

It's common knowledge that when you post an opinion on Twitter, a slew of comments and judgement is sure to follow. But little did Steve O'Rourke know that his indecisive nature about 'picking a side of the bed' would cause havoc on Twitter. And what he witnessed was nothing less than a descent into madness!

The Irish journalist tweeted to ask his followers if not having a specific side of the bed was unusual, after a debate with his colleagues. He wrote: "We were just chatting in work and apparently it’s weird that Amy and I don’t sleep on the same side of the bed every night."

Steve O'Rourke tweet about bed side

Ummm, Steve, how can you not have a preference? Picking a side of the bed matters. Yes, you read that right: the SIDE matters! And this isn't a baseless whim. According to a survey conducted on 2,000 adults in the UK about their sleeping habits, over 10% couples argue about which side of the bed to sleep on, and that one in 20 men are unhappy with the outcome of those arguments. There! We have statistics explaining why we're horrified by this confession.

A majority of replies to Steve's tweets were that of absolute shock.

Oops! Violent but legit.

1 people who don't agree

I'm not watching that documentary.

2 people who don't agree

Yes, don't trespass. Respect the border.

3 people who don't agree

Yes, it's WRONG! Just absolutely not okay, okay?

4 people who don't agree

The disappointment couldn't have been worded more simply.

5 people who don't agree

Somebody needs to exorcise Steve The Demon!

6 people who don't agree

Extremely! EXTREMELY!

7 people who don't agree

Now that's just equivalent to living on the edge, isn't it?

8 people who don't agree

So, I think we've established that Steve is 'not human'.

9 people who don't agree

Yeah, totally unreal. 

10 people who don't agree

Yeah, Steve. Why mate? 

11 people who don't agree

Having a side is a universal phenomenon.

12 people who don't agree

Don't break down the social system, Steve!

13 people who don't agree

In practically every relationship there's an unspoken bond about which side of the bed belongs to whom. However, contrary to the popular opinion, a few other 'otherworldly' Twitter users stood with Steve in his time of insanity. Read on to find out and be all like 'Whaaaaa?'

Really, Lindsay?

1 people who agree

The Internet is a freak show!

2 people who agree

What is the big deal? I can't even...

3 people who agree

Sleeping is serious business, guys. Come on!

4 people who agree

After the Internet had cooled down, Stevie agreed that his wager was a lost cause. He admitted defeat and tweeted: "In 10 years and 50 odd thousand tweets, I've never regretted a single one until today 😬" Steve accepted and realized that he should have just kept his mouth shut.

Now I understand Sheldon Cooper's obsession with his 'spot'.

Whose side are you on?

Images: Twitter

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