Hair Trends That Had Us Hooked From Day 2 Of Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2018

Hair Trends That Had Us Hooked From Day 2 Of Lakme Fashion Week  Summer Resort 2018

Lakme Fashion Week has always been the hub where the newest trends begin, as with every fashion week. LFW Summer Resort 2018 is well underway and the trends haven’t disappointed us. We are in love with the florals and light fabrics that are showcased of course the glossy and dewy make-up looks are a breath of fresh air as compared to last season’s dark and matte vibe.

Day two was an interesting day for hair trends. It was sustainable fashion day, and while the make-up was barely there, the hair was doing all the talking. From simple side braids paying homage to the simple girl to braids and dreads giving a nod to tribal hairdos, we had a lot to look at.

So here are a few of the looks that totally grabbed our attention at the Lakme Fashion Week, Summer Resort, 2018.

1. Dread buns and natural hair

We are absolutely digging the statement #NorthEastMojo have made with dreads, braids and even natural unstyled hair.

2. Vintage side braid

We loved the vintage vibe the hairstyles lent to the rather simple ensembles by Padmaja. It was almost like the designer was bringing back the 50s.

3. Edgy distressed buns

The buns were left a little distressed as you would find on women in the rural regions. This along with the tribal tattoos was a beautiful sight at the Pankaja Sethi x Odisha Weaves showcase!

4. Sleek flowing hair

Sleek has been our go to this season and looks like Hemang Agrawal taking it forward through spring-summer!

5. Shiny buns and ponytails

Looks like the verdict is in. Rajesh Pratap Singh also says, sleek and shiny buns and ponytails are topping the charts!

Which hair trend caught your eye? Are you keeping up with the Lakme Fashion Week this year?