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#BeautyBingeWatch: Is That Instagram Hyped Makeup Worth Your Money?

#BeautyBingeWatch: Is That Instagram Hyped Makeup Worth Your Money?

It's that time of the week again where you can binge watch YouTube and Netflix and shop online like an uncontrollable maniac! YouTube is my greatest strength and my greatest weakness too. It's the one place that I learned all I know about beauty today and it's also the reason why I'm always broke! YouTube made me buy it and Instagram made me buy it is a real thing in makeup junkie land. For this week's edition of #BeautyBingeWatch we've found you 4 YouTube Videos that will help you makeup your mind on whether or not all of that Instagram makeup you've been lusting after is even worth it or not!

1. Thinking about buying Kim Kardashian and Mario's eyeshadow palette or maybe that Smashbox mascara that's broken the Internet? Watch this.

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2. Been thinking about splurging on those Instagram famous brands? Farsali, Iconic London Illuminator and Huda Beauty? Watch this before and you'll know exactly what is worth the hype and what isn't!

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3. Want to watch someone actually testing all of those popular and hyped makeup brands like KKW, Tarte and Color Pop? 

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4. Here's another video that reviews some more world-famous, viral makeup 

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Now that you're well aware of what's worth it and what isn't here's how you can get your hands on international makeup in India.

Featured Image: YouTube

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Published on Aug 4, 2018
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