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7 Real Women, 7 Real Problems & How *They* Dealt With Them

7 Real Women, 7 Real Problems & How *They* Dealt With Them

As women, a lot of us are insecure or uncertain about life after marriage. It could be because we feel that we aren’t beautiful enough, or our failed relationships have left us with doubts about ourselves. We may have different expectations from our partners due to our past circumstances or are unsure about our decision to get married. We’ve all been there or are still dealing with it. Here are 7 women from team POPxo who opened up about their fears and insecurities in life and how they dealt with them.

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There is no denying the fact that insecurities are real and the main cause is that we don’t recognise our self worth. We let our worth be determined by external factors - people and circumstances (in case of marriage, by our husband or mother-in-law). Honestly, nothing holds us back like our own insecurities and the only way out is honouring who we are. We need to stop caring so much about what the neighbouring aunty or your mother-in-law might say. Instead, we need to start embracing who we are, what we want and everything will fall in place.  


Published on Nov 23, 2017
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