25 Thoughts I Had While Watching India’s Next Top Model!

25 Thoughts I Had While Watching India’s Next Top Model!

A few days ago, I saw a glimpse of ‘India’s Next Top Model’ on the television while I was surfing to find something useful to watch. Malaika Arora’s statements had me rolling my eyes within the first few seconds. But then, I happened to talk to a friend who was religiously following the show and she convinced me to give it a chance. So I did and let me just tell you, it was definitely a bad decision. Milind Soman and Malaika Arora collectively cannot save the disaster that the show was for me. Here are 25 thoughts I had when I watched India’s Next Top Model, Episode 03, and they aren’t all pretty!

1. Umm, so this show started with a bunch of girls in bikinis stepping into the pool? Interesting!

2. Poor girl hasn’t relaxed for two weeks? Welcome to all our lives!

3. This shady music and these girls remind me of the song Lazy Lamhe

4. Who is this man, Neeraj Gaba? Wait, let me google him! Oh, apparently he’s a biggie in the reality show world. No wonder I don’t know anything about him!

5. Why is everybody so high pitched? My ears hurt!

5 indias next top model

6. Seriously shady background score and even worse acting. Full marks!

7. Milind Soman! Aaahhhhhhh! *brain overloaded due to hotness*

8. Their challenge is to walk on water? Mad props to these girls because I have difficulty in walking on normal ground sometimes.

9. I cannot stress on the importance of women supporting each other instead of pulling each other down. God, this show!

10. Even Anusha Dandekar sounds like a cartoon character. No Anusha, you’re better than this!

10 indias next top model

11. “Being bold is all about going bald” hain?

12. All this drama for nothing? She fainted and all these girls cried for nothing? I feel cheated now!

13. But that was crazy. All these weeping, crying and fainting for views! *sigh*

14. A photo shoot with a ‘hot, gorgeous and suave’ iguana? Really, Malaika?

15. Two exotic reptiles - is this ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ or ‘India’s Next Top Model’!

15 indias next top model

16. These girls have reptiles crawling on their faces. The least you could do is be polite.

17. Cringiest thing I’ve ever seen and I used to love Fear Factor as a child!

18. Finally! Thank you judges for giving a girl a moral boost and telling others to back off her case!

19. Yaaas! Hanuman Chalisa works. My mumma’s right!

20. Oh my god! Shweta’s reaction to the judges comments is the best example of ‘that escalated quickly’!

20 indias next top model

21. I don’t like Aakriti’s attitude either, Anusha! Hi5!

22. She’s going to announce who is going to be eliminated - this is the kind of pettiness I live for!

23. So much emo drama! I need it to stop NOW!

24. Worst (and fakest) break down in the history of any television show. This Aakriti needs to go.

25. Are they really playing Lakshya’s ‘Kitni Baatein’ on her elimination? I give up. I’m out!

25 indias next top model

Reality shows - making girls cry since forever!

Also, if you haven’t watched the show yet, you can watch it here!

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