Thoda Aur Sone Do? According To A New Survey, Indians Get The Best Sleep In The World

Thoda Aur Sone Do? According To A New Survey, Indians Get The Best Sleep In The World

Do you wake up in the morning, only to find yourself drawn back to your oh-so-comfy bed? Would you rather, be sleeping all day long instead of doing anything else? Do you consider sleep as your one true bae? Well, for those of you who agree we have some GOOD NEWS! Your unconditional love for sleep has led us all to achieve the #1 spot when it comes to successfully getting the best sleep in the world!


According to the IPSOS Global Views on Healthcare 2018's survey, it was identified that two-third Indians get enough deep sleep as opposed to a mere one-third of people in South Korea and Japan. So, when it comes to getting the best sleep in the world, India comes first, followed by Saudi Arabia, China, Serbia and the United States. Hence, these five countries are considered as the most restful populations in the world.

Further, in a global market research survey conducted by the KJT Group, on behalf of Philips, it was clear that among 11,006 adults in 12 countries, approximately 62% of the population felt that they don't get enough sound sleep. Countries like Japan and South Korea were identified as having the worst sleeping habits. Instead of getting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep each night, 6 in 10 adults admit sleeping longer hours on the weekends to catch up on their lost sleep, thereby affecting their quality of sleep.


With sleep finally, being recognised as a key contributor to an individual's overall well-being, it turns out that losing even one or two hours of sleep can have the same impact on your motor and cognitive functions as skipping a full day of sleep. Not only does it end up making you feeling cranky/moody throughout the day, but sleeping less than 6 hours can also increase your mortality rate by a whopping 13%. Findings showed that the top five reasons for having a disturbed sleeping pattern are:

1. Stress and worries

2. Sleeping environment

3. Work/school schedules

4. Binge-watching series, movies or socialising, etc.

5. Health problems

In fact, poor sleep is also considered to be one of the main causes for countries to lose billions of money due to poor productivity. So, my dear Indians - the next time you decide to ditch your sleep because of any reason, make sure you remember how it can cost you! For those of you who love sleeping already and don't need any such reminders, well, sote raho, khush raho! *wink*

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