This Indian Woman Is A Calendar Girl For The WHO 2018 Calendar For Her Service To Children!

This Indian Woman Is A Calendar Girl For The WHO 2018 Calendar For Her Service To Children!

In this dog eat dog world - trying to do your job best and enjoying it is not as easy as it sounds. And that's why it is important to give extra credit to those who not only make sure they do their job but just a do a fabulous one at that. 

This time all the credit goes to a woman from Himachal Pradesh, Geeta Verma, who has found herself in the 2018 calendar of World Health Organisation (WHO) for undertaking the massive campaign of inoculating children from Mandi district, Himachal. She travelled long distances including small villages in remote areas to successfully complete this campaign. No high mountains or broken roads have been able to stop her from doing exactly what she wants and it is inspiring, if nothing else!

Verma is from Sapnot Village in Mandi's Karsog tehsil. Small town but big dreams is a phrase quite apt for this particular instance. She ensured 100% coverage under her area of operation, which was at Shakardehra, in Jhanjeli block of Mandi. 

She is the same woman whose picture had gone viral on social media, showing her travelling on the bike. Facing harsh weather conditions and lack of accessibility of most regions, she faced every hurdle head-on. Turns out, WHO recognised her efforts of travelling to the remote places of Himachal where most people could not reach and gave her all the due credit. 

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Everyone had applauded her for the sincerity and the commitment with which she did full justice to the campaign called the 'Measles and Rubella Immunization Program', in the remote regions of Seraj valley of the Mandi district.

It takes pure dedication and commitment to one's job to be able to do something like this for the country. Though she could have stopped at a few accessible areas and received the same attention, she went out of her way, trekking and biking tricky roads to do her job well. Well enough to make her the calendar girl of WHO.

She was also facilitated by the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Jai Ram Thakur, in a press release and rightfully so! He congratulated her for her brave effort and said that she had brought immense pride to the country and we couldn't agree more.

You go, girl! We need more people like you to keep our faith in humanity alive!