A Bizarre Scene From 'Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka' Is Going Viral & We Can't Stop Laughing

A Bizarre Scene From 'Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka' Is Going Viral & We Can't Stop Laughing

Indian TV soaps are full of melodrama, problematic characters and some truly bizarre plots. From the protagonist turning into a makkhi to Gopi bahu washing a laptop, the makers of Indian TV soaps don't take too long to lose track of their stories! We've seen all logic going for a toss and we saw it yet again.

A clip from Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka, which aired on Star Plus from October 2019 to November 2020, is currently going viral. In the video, the female protagonist Roshni (a human with angelic powers) announces that she will marry the man who gets her a ‘chaand ka tukda’. This is when the male lead took the ‘chaand taare tod laaunga’ line a bit too literally. The actor (named as Aman) tries to use a rope….A ROPE to pull the entire moon down *facepalm*. And when that doesn’t work, he goes...no wait, drives to space in his car to get a piece of moon for the love of his life.

TBH, our hope of finding sense in Indian TV serials went right out of the window after we saw Pari choke on Maataji's shawl in Sasural Simar Ka. But this video of Aman trying to get chaand ka tukda has confirmed our doubts. The clip has also left the internet in splits.

Take a look at this meme fest on Twitter! 

Where's The Parking Lot?

Time To Bury Logic

Why NASA, Why?

Wonder Woman, Are You Watching This?

Who Came Up With This Idea?

What A Family!

Newton Has Something To Say

What About Thanos?

Sazaa Toh Milegi

Why Settle?

Love vs Gravity

Too Literal?

It’s Aman’s Fault!

Chaand Be Like....

But She Still Said No!

Well, we just don't understand the obsession that Indian TV soap makers have with these ridiculous (but hilarious) plots! FYI, Aman and Roshni actually had the moon parked in their lawn once...

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