#OhSoCute: India Welcomed First Penguin And White Tiger Cubs On Independence Day!

#OhSoCute: India Welcomed First Penguin And White Tiger Cubs On Independence Day!

Our nation celebrated its 72nd Independence Day yesterday by embracing the three colours of the tiranga and we got a good news to make the day even more special.

India welcomed its first ever Humboldt penguin and our hearts just melted by looking at this adorable teeny-tiny creature. The miraculous birth occurred on Wednesday night at Mumbai’s Veer Jijamata Udyan and we want to have some mithai to celebrate it.


The little baby was born to mama Flipper and papa Molt who have been a couple for a long time. They are both the youngest members of the penguin community at the zoo. She is four and a half years old while he is three. And now, they have a half-day old baby!

Flipper is still under observation to ensure she stays healthy. According to news reports, the Zoo Director, Sanjay Tripathi said, "The Humboldt penguin chick hatched out of the egg at 08.02 PM on August 15, 2018. It appeared to be active and the mother Flipper was trying to feed it too."

Mothers, I tell you. They are all so freaking adorbs!

Talking to another daily, Tripathi said, “It’s a proud moment for us. The chick was born on an auspicious day as well – Independence Day. While the chick is doing well, the initial period is crucial for it. We are yet to ascertain its gender.”

The entire penguin waddle of penguins in the zoo was brought down from Seoul in South Korea in 2016. They were three females and five males at the time - Donald, Daisy, Popeye, Olive, Flipper, Bubble, Molt and Dory. However, Dory died due to a bacterial infection. But this little yet-to-be-named penguin is just brightening up all our days. And guys, can we all take a minute to adore the baby?

*cue Pingu theme*

And if you thought that was the only happy news we have for you today, boy are you mistaken!

Yes, we were blessed with another miracle on Independence day in the form of two baby tiger cubs. White Tigress Nirbhaya and Royal Bengal Tiger Karan had two little bundles of joy and we are beyond excited. This also means that they are the first white cubs in the Delhi zoo after 27 years.

Both of Nirbhaya’s cubs were brown-striped, but the zoo authorities did hope for one being white. According to a newspaper, Renu Singh, Director, Delhi Zoo said, “This has brought added cheer to the zoo. The white tigress had been feeling uneasy for the last one week and finally delivered two cubs early Wednesday. We are expecting that there would be more cubs and at least one would be white because Nirbhaya is a white tigress.”

Sorry guys, the little ones won’t be put in front of the public eye until they can walk. Visitors will only be able to see them in October.

The entire country is now partaking in the celebrations of the birth of these babies and it is a ray of hope especially with the current scenario of the dwindling tiger population.

Isn't this just the sweetest Independence Day gift our country could get? Live a happy and healthy life baby Pingu and tiny tiger cubs. We're so blessed to have you with us! 

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