15 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has Before An India vs Pakistan Match!

15 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has Before An India vs Pakistan Match!

Girls, India is in the finals of Champions Trophy 2017 tournament and we couldn’t be more excited. Of course, it’ll be fun to watch the match but what’s even better is that we are playing against Pakistan. One thing is for sure, even if you are not a big cricket fan, India vs Pakistan is a match you just can’t miss. The excitement is at its peak and we are all ready to watch how amazingly these two arch-rival teams will play. But before every India vs Pakistan match, we all have a few random thoughts, don’t we? Well, here are 15 thoughts EVERY girl is having before the India vs Pakistan match this weekend.  

1. No plans for Sunday because I’mma be watchin’ India vs Pakistan, baby!

2. Will India win the toss though?

3. Where are all my blue clothes?

4. Mabe my boyfriend will let me borrow his jersey?

5. Damn, Virat Kohli is so cute, ya! I get so distracted when he's on the field.

5 india vs pakistan - virat kohli cute

6. Anushka Sharma is SO lucky na!!

7. I wish Virat scores a century this time. That would be AWESOME. *Heart*

8. Or maybe Rohit Sharma will, since he’s Sharmaji ka beta. LOL!

9. Man, I should have been at the stadium to watch this one. Next time, for sure!

10. Ain’t no team better than India, BTW. There's no doubt about who is going to win this!

10 india vs pakistan - yuvraj singh chak diya india

11. I should get popcorn and beer before the match starts for sure.

12. And then maybe we can take shots every time India takes a wicket or hits a six.

13. I think I’m gonna keep the remote in my hand AT ALL TIMES so that my sister doesn’t change the channel.

14. Well, finally we have another Mauka Mauka to defeat Pakistan! Woohoo! *Wink*

15. And OMG! The match is about to begin...could I be more excited? GO INDIA!!!

15 india vs pakistan - girl praying

GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr