World Suicide Prevention Day: India Has The Third Highest Female Suicide Rate In The World

World Suicide Prevention Day: India Has The Third Highest Female Suicide Rate In The World

This World Suicide Prevention Day, it is time to address the statistics that loom over the world when it comes to suicide rates. One person dies from suicide every 40 seconds, making it close to 8,00,000 every single year. In another shocking revelation, it is estimated that for every single adult who dies from suicide, there are more than 20 others who attempt death by suicide.

The report released by World Health Organisation (WHO) a day before World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, states that India has a suicide rate of 16.5 suicides per 1,00,000 people, making it the country with the largest suicide rate in the South-East Asia region. Sri Lanka stands second in the region with a suicide rate of 14.6 and Thailand third with 14.4 per 1,00,000 people.

When it comes to women specifically, the statics are shocking. India as a country has the third-highest female suicide rate in the world! With 14.7 deaths by suicide per 1,00,000 people. Lesotho in South Africa ranks the highest with a 24.4 suicide rate, followed by the Republic of Korea (South Korea) at 15.4. All the data pertains to the WHO estimates of 2016.

World Health Organisation

WHO states that suicide is a 'global phenomenon' affecting all regions of the world and requires immediate attention. It has become the second leading cause of death among 15-29-year olds, claiming 2,00,000 lives in 2016. These statistics state that suicide is responsible for more deaths than malaria, breast cancer, war or even homicide. WHO ranked suicide the second highest cause of death among women, after maternal conditions in the same age group of 15-29 years of age.

And the statistics get scarier, because 50 percent of the suicides committed globally is by people younger than 45 years, stated the report. In addition to this, it stated that 90 percent of the adolescents who kill themselves are from low and middle-income countries, the bracket under which India falls.

"Despite progress, one person still dies every 40 seconds from suicide. Every death is a tragedy for family, friends and colleagues. Yet suicides are preventable," said the WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. "We call on all countries to incorporate proven suicide prevention strategies into national health and education programmes in a sustainable way," he added.

In order to prevent these deaths by suicide, WHO has called on countries to make an effort to talk about the same and set up suicide prevention hotlines. If you or someone you love are struggling with suicidal thoughts, here are some helplines that provide trained professionals to help you.

AASRA 24x7 Helpline: +91-9820466726

Sneha Foundation India 24x7 Helpline: +914424640050

Vandrevala Foundation 24x7 Helpline: 18602662345

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