Hina Khan Shows Us Who The *Bigg Boss* Is In A Pink Satin Dress

Hina Khan Shows Us Who The *Bigg Boss* Is In A Pink Satin Dress

Hina Khan might not have won Bigg Boss season 11 but she sure is ruling our Instagram feeds. Yesterday, the TV actress posted a few pictures which made us go 'QUEEN'. 

These pictures reaffirm the fact that Hina is a born leader. Everything about the picture - the pose, the outfit, the expressions - will convince you that Hina is the boss woman you need to be right now. 

hina khan bigg boss

The popular reality tv show actress was wearing a magenta Camla Spain satin dress with ruffle detail and a flirty off-shoulder neckline. 

We're impressed with how effortlessly Hina is pulling off a colour which has been untouched for ages now. Yes, we're talking about Magenta. If you can work Magenta like Hina Khan, you're fierce AF and we appreciate you. 

The bold colour isn't the only detail we're proud to see Hina work. The abundance of ruffles (that too, in satin) can get many a woman flustered, fearing it to end up looking tacky or childish. Hina Khan tackled that mountain as well. Brava!

hina khan bigg boss 1

A sharp stylish woman like Hina deserves even sharper shoes. After all, the right shoes can take you places, amirite? Hina paired her sexy satin dress with lace stiletto booties and struck that killer pose! 

hina khan bigg boss 2

Hina's just as stunning in black and white. If looks could kill, she would be a top-rated assassin. Agreed?

We hope to see you and your outfits on TV soon, Hina!

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