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In UP, A Man Raped His Own Daughter And Asked His Friends To Join!

In UP, A Man Raped His Own Daughter And Asked His Friends To Join!

Aren't you just tired? Tired of waking up to news that shakes you to the core? But just when you think you have heard the worst, there comes along another news that will make you want to give up on humanity.

Here is another one of those. A man in Uttar Pradesh (UP) has been convicted for raping his 35-year-old daughter. Not just that, he even invited two friends to join him. This incident happened in UP's Sitaram District on the 15th of April.


The woman has a son and has been married for over 20 years. She was living with her father, Maan Singh. He took her 70 km away from the city and raped her for over 18 hours. Post that, he even called two of his friends to join him. 

The victim, however, freed herself and registered a complaint against him and the other two who took turns to rape her the next day. The man was accused of having illicit relationships with another woman in that district earlier this year. He got a bail for this in February.

So, basically, a woman is not even safe in her own house from her own father. The world has come down to this. It's shameful. Just shameful!

Images: DNA, Zee News

Published on Apr 20, 2018
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