Water Baby Ileana D'Cruz's Peaceful Vacay Pictures Will Convince You To Fly To Fiji!

Water Baby Ileana D'Cruz's Peaceful Vacay Pictures Will Convince You To Fly To Fiji!

Remember those refreshing cruise shots of Ileana D'Cruz? Yes, Ileana fell in love with Fiji last year and so did we! It's not a surprise that this water baby is back to the beach.  

In this eye-cringing heat, Ileana D'Cruz is exploring life underwater - chilling, finding 'Nemo' and all. She's holidaying in Fiji and once again, we are wondering if we had a man like Andrew Kneebone, our vacations would also be as gorgeous-looking as the Raid actress'. Andrew is such a wonderful husband, he knows just how to make his wife look more beautiful than she already is.

Be it underwater or while getting ready for skydiving, all Ileana needs is her million dollar smile and Andrew takes care of the rest. The more you scroll down, the more this couple will convince you to book your next vacation to Fiji because they are experiencing Fiji in its true nature.

With lots and lots of green and even more of blue, the couple has captured Fiji so beautifully that you'll feel the mother earth talking. Check out their awesome blossom vacay pictures.

1. Ready to jump off the plane... almost!

2. A kayak & a paddle, that's how you discover 333 islands!

3. A beach bum's smile is directly proportional to the peace by the shore! 

4. Pout + Kids = Awesome day!

5. Chances are, Nemo is swimming in waters near Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji alongside Ileana!

6. Hello, sunshine!

7. I can already hear the birds chirping!

8. Lake waters calling! 

9. Okay, now that's straight out of a Zen painting!

10. Only if I could pull this look off as well as Ileana!

11. Crafted to perfection!

Summer cribbing out... Vacay vibe in!