Ileana D'Cruz Shuts Down Body Shamer Who Asked About Her 'Awkward Body'

Ileana D'Cruz Shuts Down Body Shamer Who Asked About Her 'Awkward Body'

It's no secret that the entertainment industry (actually society as a whole) has many opinions when it comes to body types. We're fed this prototype of a 'perfect body' and are expected to adhere to it. We're sold it through magazines in pretty pink fonts written on glossy sheets, through whitening and brightening creams, through the representation on the big screen saying, "Look like this and good things will happen to you, look different and you'll be the punchline of jokes." 

Whether we know it or not, all this is subtly having an effect on the way we think. But hey girls, it's 2018, high time we stop thinking this way!

Taking a step in this direction, Ileana D'Cruz shut down a body shamer on Instagram and that's exactly the kind of inspiration we need today. 

Using the new Insta feature of 'ask me a question', Ileana thought she'll open up to her fans. In one of the many questions she received, she was asked whether she's faced any flak for her "awkward body" type. Yeah, outrageous right?! 

Not only was the question completely out of line, it was also derogatory and wrong on so many levels. 

However, the Barfi star didn't let this bring her down. She stood up for herself and gave the troll a befitting response. She said that she doesn't have an awkward body type and there is no such thing. ileana

We have to realise that we're all as unique as snowflakes and we all have different body types. As cliché as it sounds, we're all beautiful!

A fan even asked her about how to deal with having body image insecurities and Ileana empowered her fan with this reply.

ileana 3

She made it a point to tell all women (and men) that they don't have to aspire to get that 'perfect' body that people around us seem to be obsessed about. 

Not just body shaming, the Rustom star also used social media to spread awareness about mental health issues. A question was asked to her about anxiety and she responded saying, "Replace the 'what ifs' with 'so what'." 

ileana 4

Ileana when asked about why she chose a foreigner as a life partner also said, "I fell in love with a person's heart. His skin colour or nationality doesn't matter to me."

Isn't that a beautiful thought? We really need to look at people for what they are from inside, instead of focusing on their bodies and skin colours. 

Many actors like Deepika Padukone have spoken about mental illness and their own struggles with it. Others have also opened up about the blatant body shaming in the industry. It's really a breath of fresh air when influential celebs like Ileana open up serious issues and talk about changing the narrative. Black, white, brown, fat, think, tall, short - we've to all hold hands smash stereotypes together. ❤

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