Trouble In Paradise? Ileana D'Cruz & Beau Andrew Kneebone Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

Trouble In Paradise? Ileana D'Cruz & Beau Andrew Kneebone Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

Ileana D'Cruz and partner Andrew Kneebone are one of the few couples who actually managed to keep their private life 'private'. However, with the numerous mentions on Ileana's Instagram pictures, we did figure out that they were probably a couple. But, couldn't quite make out if the two were married to each other. Until Ileana hinted about them being a married couple in one of her Instagram stories.

Whether it was a relationship or marriage, we suspect some trouble in their paradise. You ask us why? Recently, we happened to scroll through Ileana's Instagram profile and learned that Ileana and Andrew have unfollowed each other on the 'Gram. But what piqued our interest further was the fact that Ileana has deleted all her pictures with Andrew from her feed.

Have they separated? Did they fall out of love? Is there a third person causing them to part ways? We don't know yet!


Ileana started dating Andrew, who's an Australian photographer, a couple of years back. They were such a loved-up couple and the pictures (now gone from the feeds) on their social media handles were proof enough! In an interview with a leading daily, Ileana spoke about her relationship. She said, "Initially, I was told to not speak about my relationship. And while I don’t have an issue talking about it, it’s unfair that people are being unnecessarily harsh to him (Andrew). It is unfair to subject him to harsh comments just because I am a celebrity. He is entitled to his privacy and respect and he deserves both in equal measure. He is a great person, and it did affect me when people left harsh comments on my social media posts. But I do give it back to nasty trolls."

In another interview to IANS, Ileana had said, “I had a different perception of what a relationship or love is like. I was all giddy-headed and fairytale about it in my head, but it’s so different. There’s a lot of restraint that you’ve got to have, compromising in certain situations -- and you’ve got to have a lot of respect.”


Andrew, too, was pretty vocal about his love for her. In an Instagram AMA in 2018, Andrew spoke briefly about dating a ‘celebrity’. When he was asked, “What is the one thing you dislike about Ileana but can’t tell her?” he said, “She looks so damn beautiful all the time… I mean sometimes I can’t get anything done because I just look at her and boom!… two hours pass.”

Isn't that the sweetest thing to say?

We can't wait for either of them to clear the air on the alleged split!

Featured Image: Instagram

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