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Ayushmann's New Love Song "Ik Vaari" Will Make You Go WTF?!

Ayushmann's New Love Song "Ik Vaari" Will Make You Go WTF?!

Ayushmann Khurrana is back with a Punjabi track “Ik Vaari” which also features Aisha Sharma. Let’s just start off by saying that the song itself is not too bad, it’s actually quite nice if we JUST listen to the audio. We kinda think that it’s a mix of all the previous Ayushmann Khurrana songs! His voice is amazing (as usual), but we don’t really understand what is happening in the video. First he is seen stalking a girl all around the city - a girl who is least interested in him. Looking at the video, we feel that he’s playing the character of a creep who is following a girl and saying “ik vaari haan kehde”. But why? Why should she say “yes”? What for? Do you even realize you’re literally following someone who’s not at all interested in you, and asking her to say “yes”?! Like, yeh kya zabardasti hai? Is this how you make someone fall in love with you? Later, it turns out that the girl is a thief who stole a painting worth $ 68.9 million, and apparently Ayushmann is a cop (yes!). So, JUST when the video started making sense to us, just when we started to understand WHY he was following her around, he helps her escape! Like seriously? What the f***?! Not just that… After helping her escape, he strips her and starts making out with her.Yep! *Facepalm* That is what happens. But WHY? What happened to the cute Ayushmann? Why is he making out with some girl who is NOT interested in him? And she has to kiss him because he helped her escape?! We literally have no idea what the f*** is happening in the song. A new anthem for all stalkers? Hell yes! Here, watch the video and please tell us what he is trying to do? What is happening?! Please, someone? P.S: This song ruined the classic “Tu Meri Zindagi Hai” from Aashiqui, FOREVER!! Also watch: Forget “Fifty Shades”, THIS Song Is What You Need To Watch!
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Published on Sep 23, 2016
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