The IIT-BHU 'Adarsh Bahu' Course Has Enraged All Of Us & This Is The Full Story Behind It!

The IIT-BHU 'Adarsh Bahu' Course Has Enraged All Of Us & This Is The Full Story Behind It!

Social media has been abuzz with a shocking piece of news that made everyone go, "WTF!" Obviously, after reading some of the headlines, even I was completely flabbergasted by just how atrocious it was; however, that wasn’t the entire tale. I'm talking about the IIT-BHU story that broke yesterday.

A new three-month crash course is being designed for brides by a private start-up called ‘Young Skilled India’ which has been incubated at IIT in the Banaras Hindu University (BHU). The course is called 'Daughter’s Pride – Beti Meri Abhiman' or an 'Adarsh Bahu' and it essentially teaches women the A-Z of being a sanskari bahu in India.

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Young girls on the verge of marriage are often saddled with complexes which makes it difficult for them to adjust in a new household. This course teaches them how to make adjustments and deal with situations that emerge after marriage," explained the CEO of Young Skilled India, Neeraj Srivastava.

It was reported that IIT BHU has started this three-month crash course. However, the university made a statement saying that no such course has ever been offered by them and that they have no affiliation with the private body.

Speaking exclusively to POPxo, Himanshu Gupta, a student who graduated from the university in 2005, was of the opinion that the reporters who picked up the story didn’t stress on the fact that Young Skilled India was 'incubated by IIT-BHU and hence, the university didn’t have any role to play in its daily workings.

The first paragraph of the news story has the word 'incubated' in it, which basically means that the university had given out a working space to the private company. When I spoke to students who were still studying there, they explained that the company had been working there for the past four years, so even if IIT BHU had earlier asked what they were doing, now they probably had no idea. The reporter who picked up the story either didn't understand the word or deliberately misreported it for clicks by adding that it was IIT BHU who started the course," alleged the ex-student.

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In a news report by Deccan Chronicle, when asked if no such course was available for men, the CEO of the private company said, “At the moment, we have only this course in mind. The way in which we have worked out the syllabus will help the brides-to-be to become confident of a new life that often changes life completely for them. There is flexibility of syllabus and we will address those issues that trouble the students more. The brides, on one hand, have to build up a relationship with the husband and, on the other, adjust to multiple relationships in the new environment.”

However, after seeing that the intention of the course has gone viral and is attracting negative publicity, the company is denying that such course exists.

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I think the bigger problem here is that someone thought of such a regressive course for women. It's the 21st century and we are still asking our women to be the ideal bahu, the ideal wife, but what about men? Are we expecting this from men, too? May be if we gave this gyaan to them, the crime rate in our country would go down considerably. It is enraging that they are trying to sell such a ridiculous course in this day and age when we're doing so much to change things. 

One step forward and two steps back - that has been happening whenever we talk about equality. Time to smell the coffee and wake up!  

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