Terrible Fatigue & Crying Spells: I Tested Positive For COVID-19 & Here’s What Happened

Terrible Fatigue & Crying Spells: I Tested Positive For COVID-19 & Here’s What Happened

Let me start this article on a positive note: All six members of my family (including my 85-year-old grandmother) who tested positive for COVID-19 have now recovered.

My mom was the first one to test positive in the family and before we knew it, all of us were showing symptoms. What we went through after that was nothing short of hell. I was torn between taking care of my 8-year-old daughter, who was scared to sleep alone, and protecting the rest of my family members who are all above 60 years of age.

This is what our days looked like: We called each other frequently, saw each other on video calls even though we were all in the same house, we waved at each other from across rooms. Fortunately, none of us had to be hospitalised and we were all under home-quarantine. 

I Came Out Winning, Here’s How

TBH, even after reading and writing so much about the novel coronavirus I somehow assumed that I was invincible. I thought that I wasn’t vulnerable to the virus.

You Can Contract The Virus Even If You Are Taking Precautions


I was alert, washing my hands extra vigilantly, taking precautions, eating healthy, working out regularly, and trying all the immunity nuskhas. I did everything and still contracted the virus. To this day, we don’t know from whom or how this happened.It all started with a headache--no fever, no cough--I just had a constant headache. After two days of never-ending headache, I got a mild fever. The temperature was 99-degree celsius and my throat was sore too. I got the antigen detection test at a government-recognised centre in Defence Colony, Delhi. Fifteen minutes after the test, I got the reports that came out to be positive. I called my colleagues to inform and said that I will be fine in the next three days. Honestly, even after seeing my reports, I was still in denial.

Day 3 Was Worse Than I Could Have Ever Imagined


I woke up with a terrible body ache, my head was spinning and my throat was worse. The temperature had now gone beyond 100 degrees celsius and I also had a stuffy nose. The fatigue was severe. I was having anxiety-provoked frequent crying spells and I couldn’t figure out how to stop. I started watching my fave show but the terrible muscle pain, headache and body ache made it impossible for me to focus on what I was watching. I tried, multiple times, but I failed every freaking time. Another shocker was when I ate my meal, it tasted bland. Meals were probably the only thing I was looking forward to while isolating myself. But by now, I had lost my sense of smell and taste.

The Room Felt Like A Prison

Yes, it gets frustrating with each passing day but it’s nothing compared to the spread of coronavirus. So even if you are asymptomatic, please isolate yourself.

I consulted a doctor on the Medanta eClinic app (they have dedicated doctors for coronavirus and a 24X7 helpline). My doctor advised a few medications like paracetamol, a cough syrup, vitamin D supplements and also asked me to take steam multiple times a day. (Please consult your doctor before taking any kind of medication)

It Took A Lot Of Effort To Do Daily Chores


It was difficult to do anything. You are sick but you have to do everything yourself because no one else can help you when you are under quarantine. So washing my clothes, cleaning the room and the utensils I was using and taking a shower looked like humongous tasks. Even attending a phone call and talking to someone was difficult. But I am blessed with friends and colleagues who were thoughtful to leave messages. They kept checking on me and some of them even sent memes to cheer me up (you guys are the best).

Finally, I Felt Better On Day 7

My fever was gone but I still had body ache and cold. I felt better and was now able to utilise my time watching the shows I missed. I read two books I had been meaning to finish for a long time. I was in isolation for 17 days and didn’t come out until my isolation period got over. 

I Got Lucky!

I am COVID-free now, I tested negative a while ago and it feels good. It was a little more than two weeks but it felt like forever. There are a few challenges you may face even after your recovery. Here’s what I am still feeling:

  • I feel extremely weak and tired at times
  • I have been experiencing a lot of hair fall
  • My skin has become dry and patchy at places
  • I don’t really have the strength to work out the way I used to

But I know I am fortunate enough to have recovered from COVID-19. I am grateful that it was a mild infection and no one in my family had to be hospitalised. It’s a lot worse than what you see, read and hear in news reports. Even though the government has lifted restrictions, to take this virus lightly would be a grave mistake. The virus is still real and it sucks. To date, the novel coronavirus has claimed 898K deaths globally and it spares no one. Not me, not you!