#MumbaiBagh: Hundreds of Women Gather At Mumbai Central In Agitation Against CAA

#MumbaiBagh: Hundreds of Women Gather At Mumbai Central In Agitation Against CAA

India is going through a revolutionary phase right now and this time, it's not just the men who are protesting against the central government's amended citizen law, it's the women too. After weeks of continuous protests and demonstrations held by the women at Shaheen Bagh, Mumbai follows in its footsteps. At around 11 p.m on Sunday, a flash protest began outside Arabia Hotel on Mordell Road, Mumbai Central. Even though more than 72 hours have gone by, the protests against CAA are still going strong. 

Firoze Mithiborwala is the person who organised this protest here in Mumbai. His aim is to create a Mumbai Bagh similar to Shaheen Bagh. The good news is that three consecutive days have gone by and the protests show no sign of coming to a halt. 

Throughout the day, volunteers and protesters arranged for chairs for the elderly and distributed tea in paper cups. In fact, on Tuesday afternoon, at least 500 women were seen holding placards and the Tricolour. Some women brought their children along with them to protest too. One protestor named Asma Khan has been coming since the first day and still continues to do so after taking care of her family's needs. She said, “women had not come out on the roads in such large numbers for issues like triple talaq and the Ayodhya verdict, but this is a matter of life or death. The Mumbai Bagh protest is a clear message that we will not leave here till the government recalls the CAA” She also pointed out that the road where they are protesting is left half constructed. It's been that way for a year now and the government has not taken care of this and is continuing to spend money for unnecessary purposes. 


Plenty of college students turned up to protest too. A 21-year-old student named Binte Muhammed told a daily newspaper that his future depends on the constitution and if it's not safe, there won't be a future. One of the senior citizen, Nasra Shaikh, who suffers from cancer turned up to protest. The 60-year-old woman said that even though she's living with a deadly disease, she won't stop protesting until her health gives way. 

Here's What Twitter Had To Say About Mumbai Bagh (Especially The Women)

President of the Association of Muslim Professionals, Aamir Edresy, said, "The Home Minister should be ashamed of making such statements against the people of his own country. These two people in the government have lost their mind and trying to harm the Constitution, but now it is the time for Muslims to educate everyone about the laws"

Something to think about: If women, small children, students and senior citizens battling life-threatening diseases, can protest for long hours, what's your excuse?

Featured Image: Twitter

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