Huda Just Showed Us The Coolest And EASIEST DIY Sheet Mask & We Can't Wait To Try It!

Huda Just Showed Us The Coolest And EASIEST DIY Sheet Mask & We Can't Wait To Try It!

For any makeup or beauty junkie, Huda Kattan is the name synonymous with makeup, AMAZING QUALITY MAKEUP. Seriously, we are all fans here. I've had conversations with a colleague where we were wondering when she'd come down here and give us a hug. I have also been following her show Huda Boss ardently, knowing first hand on how she runs her awesome beauty conglomerate is intriguing. 

Her feed on Instagram is like a makeup lover's dream. Apart from pictures of herself and lust-worthy products she also shares makeup looks created by other artist using her products. Mild to bold, you will find EVERYTHING right there on her feed. Today when I was looking through Instagram to find a makeup look to try on for tomorrow night, I came across this video of Huda wearing a sheet mask. 

For a second I got super excited about her launching a sheet mask. I am a skincare junkie and I would've pre-ordered that stuff pronto. But then I saw the video and I was super surprised. Huda shared her favourite DIY sheet mask with the most basic ingredients I've ever seen!

It just uses rice paper and milk! Yes, that's it. she claims it has always shown her instant results. Here's what she had to say, "Hi my loves! You guys know I am OBSESSED with sheet masks! Here’s one of my favorite DIY sheet masks because I noticed immediate results after using it once! Milk contains lactic acid which is great for reducing #acne breakouts and the appearance of wrinkles. Also using a sheet helps the milk gets absorbed better into the skin. This mask is super easy to make (only 2 ingredients) & super affordable (only $3)! Check out the link in bio for more info"

Well, who would've thought of this? Huda of course. I am absolutely getting the ingredients and trying it out TODAY!

Main Image: Instagram