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Easy Bake: Huda Beauty Is All Set To Launch Instagram Filters In A Jar Next Month!

Easy Bake: Huda Beauty Is All Set To Launch Instagram Filters In A Jar Next Month!


Cannot keep calm! Beauty mogul Huda Beauty just dropped another jewel to her collection - Setting powders. Not only is Huda Kattan one of the worlds largest beauty influencers she's also one of the biggest names in the Beauty Industry. Her makeup collection Huda Beauty is loved and lusted for by every makeup enthusiast you'll ever meet! The mogul is constantly expanding her makeup collection; the latest on the block is her new 'Easy Bake Setting Powder.' This loose powder promises to revolutionize the way you do your makeup.  


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Most people are intimidated by the concept of 'baking' and with this new launch, the idea was to make makeup easy. Now before you get excited and start thinking of cupcakes or freshly baked cookies, STOP! Baking in the beauty industry refers to 'setting or locking' your makeup in place by adding a considerable amount of loose powder to your face. Baking when done right will mattify your face and lock in your base. No more touch ups, no more shine and no more Instagram filters! Your skin will look airbrushed all day long. This is a boon for people with oily skin and seems like an absolute must know if you have to be on your toes all day. So how do you bake? The best way would be to take a damp beauty blender, dip it into the setting powder and apply this to your under eye area, nose and T-zone or anywhere you typically get oily. Let the excess powder 'bake' on your face for anywhere between 2-10 minutes and then take a fluffy brush and dust off any excess.

Huda Kattan swears by this method and with this new launch, she is trying to make 'baking' a part of everyone's beauty routines. In an Instagram post announcing the new launch, she said "We’ve always felt baking is one of the BIGGEST game changers for anyone’s makeup routine (even if you‘re not a cake face like me 🎂🙋🏽‍♀️), but so many people are scared to try, which is why we wanted to make baking foolproof! Our new Easy Bake loose powder is super luxurious, extremely fine, and comes in 8 beautiful shades! We can’t wait for you guys to try this!"


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The powder is said to be super luxurious, super-finely milled and available in 8 shades starting July 2 on Huda Beauty's website. While we don't know when the collection will be available in India, the good news is that they ship globally. Keep your credit cards ready ladies, this is going to be a good one!

The beauty blogger turned beauty mogul recently (re)launched her iconic Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette and a foundation line to DIE for. With this new launch of setting powders, it seems like Huda Kattan is on her way to becoming the next Fenty Beauty. Psst: If we've heard right, the mogul will complete her foundation line by launching concealers next! Stay tuned! 

Published on Jun 19, 2018
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