Hrithik Roshan Just Posted The Most Adorable Message For His Brave Sister

Hrithik Roshan Just Posted The Most Adorable Message For His Brave Sister

Aren't brothers the sweetest? Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina Roshan is working on a blog to document her struggle with cancer, depression, diabetes and divorce.

As per a report, Sunaina has written separate chapters to share the story of each member of her family - who played a role in her dark hours. She has also revealed that her family was always by her side but the willingness to recover was always a personal choice.  

In 2014, Sunaina beat cervical cancer and now she wants the world to know her story and be inspired by it through her blog and TEDTalks. She said, "I want to inspire people across the globe. If the blog is a success maybe, I’ll think of a book and go on a show like Ted Talks. I want to tell people that I am a survivor, and not a victim."

Hrithik Roshan tweeted to welcome Sunaina and it's just the encouragement a sister needs!

Hrithik has been her biggest inspiration. Hrithik had undergone a major surgery as he suffered a massive injury to his brain while shooting for Bang Bang in 2014. Now, four years later, he is working at his full capacity. Her brother's journey encouraged Sunaina. After that, she chose a healthier lifestyle, joined a gym, started working out which helped her lose a lot of weight.

"I’ve started Zumba which I really enjoy and a walk for an hour every day. I’d love to lose a couple more kilos and tone up a bit. But that will happen soon," Sunaina said.

Hrithik was so proud he posted a before-after shot of Sunaina on Twitter.

Seeing the transformation, along with her mother Sunaina, daughter Suranika Soni also went through a healthy transformation and is fitter than ever.

Hrithik Roshan on his niece Suranika Soni's weight tranformation

In past, Hrithik has credited his mother Pinkie Roshan for his love for fitness.


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Pinkie and Rakesh Roshan are big fans of a healthy and fit lifestyle. Roshans have just proved that to become a superfit family, all you have to do is decide to be one, nothing stops you then!

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