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We Just Heard That Hrithik And Sussanne Are Getting Back Together! *Fingers Crossed*

We Just Heard That Hrithik And Sussanne Are Getting Back Together! *Fingers Crossed*

It's heart-breaking to see marriages end. It takes a lot to make a marriage work, but it takes a lot more to let it go. Agreed that if the relationship is making you unhappy, you shouldn't just carry on with it as a burden, but you get the picture right? It's sorta sad! So when Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan decided to part ways after 14 years of their marriage, it came as a shocker to all of us.

But unlike most couples who hold it against each other after a divorce, Sussanne and Hrithik showed the world that not being together anymore doesn't mean the end of the bond between two people. They have been attending social events and even take family vacations with their boys. And the best part is that there seems to be no negativity between them. While news of them reconciling have been doing the rounds for a long time now, things finally seem to be materialising between the couple.

If reports in a leading daily are to be believed, Hrithik and Sussanne have finally decided to get back together and give their marriage another chance for the sake of their kids, Hridaan and Hrehaan. What sparked this buzz again is not clear, but what we do know is that recently the couple was vacationing in Europe with their kids. Although they didn't post any pictures with each other, their Instagram feeds were full of pictures and videos with their boys. Check them out:


A post shared by Hrithik Roshan (@hrithikroshan) on


A post shared by Hrithik Roshan (@hrithikroshan) on

The ones Sussanne posted:


On Earth as it is in heaven 💙🦋🌎

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It's great to see that even though the two are not together (yet!), they realise that a divorce is harsher on the kids than on the couple and that they need the love of both the mother and the father. They have always put their kids ahead of their marital differences and thus decided to stay cordial with each other.

We really hope that this news is true this time and Hrithik and Sussanne reconcile! They made a really great pair, after all. Fingers crossed!

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