It Is 2017 And Here's What Poo From K3G Is Up To!

It Is 2017 And Here's What Poo From K3G Is Up To!

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham just completed 16 years and I still keep revisiting the movie that shaped my childhood. Even now, I can sing along to every line, recollect the iconic dialogues and have an undying appreciation for Poo’s PHAT wardrobe - Pretty, Hot and Tempting. Obviously, Pooja Sharma was my favorite character in the movie, why? Because she was unapologetically herself. She taught a 6-year-old me it was okay to be sassy, have a insane amount of self-respect and ask your ‘jiju’ to take a hike for slut-shaming you and also that there is absolutely nothing wrong in asking out your Ladoo, take charge girl!

16 years later, Pooja is a middle-aged mom and here is what the fashionista is up to now!

1. She Runs A Successful Instagram Account

Poo effectively developed an insane obsession with social media, constantly documenting every aspect of her life. She didn’t have to try hard though, just the fact that she remained herself was enough to get the followers rolling in. So now, 20 million followers later, she’s the Desi Kardashian of London.

2. Her Kids Are A YouTube Sensation

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Three years into the marriage, the couple had an adorable pair of twins and surprise surprise, they inherited her sass! They know every single dialogue that made their mommy famous and dress better than the other toddlers for sure.

3. Still Sassy As Ever

03 poo

Nothing can take away the Poo-charm we know all too well, her insane wit and Anjali’s polar opposite personality made for some great Instagram stories (if you know what I mean).

4. Calling Out Trolls

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Not just a fashion queen, she’s also actively calls out Twitter trolls for shaming women online - and boy you wouldn’t want to at the receiving end of her savage burns. Anything trending with a social cause is right up her alley.

5. Rohan And Her Are The Life Of Every Party

05 poo

Just because she’s grown up doesn’t mean she’s not enjoying a great social life. With Rohan by her side, these childhood lovers are the IT couple. Remember Blair and Chuck from Gossip Girl? Nobody storms up a party like Roo! (Rohan and Poo, here’s hoping that sticks)

Nobody will ever beat what Poo was to Indian girls all across the world, our very own version of Elle Woods (from Legally Blonde). And her takings of the world still stand true, from Chandni Chowk’s streets to London’s alleys.