Not Just For The Night: Here's How To Use A Sleeping Mask In The Morning

Not Just For The Night: Here's How To Use A Sleeping Mask In The Morning

Almost every skincare routine on the internet today recommends that you use skincare products in this order - cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser and facial oil. This is great, but don't you think all of this is starting to sound repetitive and a little... boring? To freshen things up, how about adding a new product into your skincare routine? Something that not only makes your skin glow but also makes your skin feel soft like a baby's bottom?! If you guessed a sleeping mask, give yourself a gentle pat on the back!

Can a sleeping mask be used in the morning?


The short answer is why not?

Contrary to popular belief, sleeping masks aren't only meant to be applied at night, you can also use them in the morning. The main reason why sleeping masks are growing popular by the day is because of their slippery texture and non-comedogenic properties. If you've used a sleeping mask before, you will notice that they have a thick consistency, but once the product is generously applied all over the face and neck, it instantly melts into the skin and forms a layer of hydration. 

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FYI, a sleeping mask should be the last skincare product you use before you hit the sack or in your morning skincare routine. Get done with your CTM routine, apply sunscreen and then use the sleeping mask.


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A sleeping mask is meant to be rinsed off after 5-8 hours... basically after your regular sleep cycle. So if you're using it in the day, rinse it off after a few hours. Avoid using a sleeping mask every day as it will lose its efficiency. Twice or thrice a week should be good enough.  

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If you have dry skin, a sleeping mask that has a creamy texture and rich ingredients will be your best bet. In fact, it could also be used as a base for your makeup looks. Don't be afraid to give this a shot the next time you're trying to ace that glass skin look!

A sleeping mask is worth the money, it is one of the best gifts to give your skin.

You got to try it to believe it!

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