Eating Out Of Boredom During The Lockdown? 6 Ways To Break The Habit

Eating Out Of Boredom During The Lockdown? 6 Ways To Break The Habit

Owing to the widespread outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, most countries have enforced strict lockdown to curb the spread of the virus. Initially, the prospect of staying indoors and working from home was immensely exciting. Social media was flooded with work from home outfits, quarantine recipes, house party screenshots and people cuddling with their pets. A little over a week into the lockdown, the days have begun to pass in a haze, you haven't changed out of your PJs in two days and you're eating Nutella by the spoonful and the bed is your new home.

Sounds familiar? Don't feel guilty--you're not the only one. The social isolation was bound to catch up with us at some point. And while it's okay to cut yourself some slack during this difficult period of time, you'll need to get some of your daily habits back on track if you want to survive this lockdown.

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Since we're dealing with a deadly virus, it's important to keep our health and immunity at its peak. And while our binge-eating habit might be comforting, it's only hampering our health right now. If you've found yourself hovering around your fridge multiple times a day when you may or may not be hungry, you might be eating out of boredom.

The good news is that this problem has an easy fix--a little bit of discipline and a lot more will power. But don't sweat! We're here to guide you on how to break your boredom eating habit without putting yourself through too much agony. So the next time you find yourself opening your fridge, here's what you need to do:

1. Drink A Glass Of Water

Sometimes our body mistakes thirst for hunger. So you end up overeating and dehydrated. If you're feeling those hunger pangs, reach for a cold glass of water (or a warm one with lemon, whatever suits your fancy) instead of that jar of Nutella and wait for a few minutes. Chances are, you were probably thirsty.

2. Eat Your Food Off A Plate

It's hard to keep track of how much food you're consuming when you're mindlessly eating straight out of a massive bag of potato chips by the fistful. This problem has an easy solution. Put your snacks on a plate, and only the amount that's worth a single serving. Enjoy that one serving of food, but stop after your done. Don't reach for seconds!

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3. Get Moving


Binge eating tends to make us sluggish and lazy. So if you find yourself bored and craving a calorie-dense snack, get up and get moving. You don't have to do an intense full-body workout. Put on some music and dance. Or do some stretches and a few yoga poses. If you can, plug in your earphones and take a walk on your terrace or verandah. On-the-spot jogging works too--just do anything to get your heart pumping!

4. Engage Your Hands

When you're lying in bed and aimlessly scrolling through social media, you're bound to eat out of boredom--the rhythmic motion of grabbing chips by the fistful and stuffing them into your mouth is engaging your hands. So why not give your hands something else to do for a change? You could cook, clean, paint, knit or organise--the possibilities are endless! And while you're doing those things, your hands will be too occupied to reach for a bag of chips--win win!

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5. Chew On Gum


It may sound silly, but sometimes our mouth just needs something to chew on. So instead of feeding yourself excessive calories just to indulge your boredom, pop a gum and chew to your heart's content! If you're extra calorie-conscious about your sugar intake, opt for some sugar-free gum.

6. If You've Tried Everything And Are Still Hungry...

It's okay. There's no need to panic. Just because you're hungry it doesn't mean you need to chomp down an entire pizza right now. There are better (read: healthier) options out there, and we don't mean bland food! Just look up some easy, healthy delicious recipes of your favourite dishes and eat in controlled quantities. And then feel free to eat a small square of chocolate (or three, if you wish).

Remember, the key is not to deprive yourself. You just need to make sure you're not eating when your body isn't hungry and keep a lot of healthy snacks around for when you're actually hungry. And if all else fails, take a blank sheet of paper and write "Am I hungry or am I just bored?" on it. Stick it on your fridge. That should help you remind yourself to do better things with your time.

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