The One Step That'll Take Your Lash Game To The Next Level

The One Step That'll Take Your Lash Game To The Next Level

So...something great's been happening.

A lot of people have been telling me that my eyes look bigger, often asking me the name of the mascara I'm currently using. And for someone who has hooded eyes like me, it's always a challenge to make my eyes look bigger without using an eyeliner.

But it's not just the mascara that's been making my lash game stronger. It's a small step that has a huge payoff.

It's taking a minute more to separate my lashes.

Here's how to do it.

When I swipe on mascara, there's usually a bit more on the brush than needed. Instead of it clumping my lashes together, I wipe the excess product on a tissue.

Then I use a disposable mascara wand to separate my lashes once I'm done with the application. Taking the time to de-clump my lashes and wiping off excess mascara has made all the difference.

And it's that simple! 

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