How To Get Gorgeous, Runway Ready Legs Feat. Malaika Arora!

How To Get Gorgeous, Runway Ready Legs Feat. Malaika Arora!

You've waxed/shaved your legs and are ready to rock that mini. While you're sitting around in your towel imagining scenarios (I can't be the only one doing that), you have a vision of yourself in that mini that you're going to wear, entering whatever place you're going to with wind in your hair and a spotlight on you. Your legs, absolutely shiny just like Malaika Arora Khan's legs in that gold number last night, strutting in heels and then you realise you're still in your towel and you still have to wear the outfit and get to the place. Well, I don't know about the dramatic entry and the wind in the hair but I can sure as heck help you make your legs look like Malaika. 

I know she works out like a goddess and probably we should get to that first BUT there's also another secret, makeup. Just like your face and shoulders and collar bones (thank you Rihanna), even your legs need to go through a slight base, contour and highlight regime to make them shine. So here it is, the foolproof guide to getting super sexy bronzed to perfection legs just like Malaika. 

Prepare the canvas

First, you need to shave/wax of course. Once that's done, just make sure you do one round of exfoliation to get rid of the dead skin cells. Don't forget the knees and ankles, that's where most of the dry skin is concentrated.


After all that scrubbing, your legs need the hydration. Apply your favourite body butter thoroughly all over your legs.


There are 2 ways you could go about this one. Either you could find yourself a can of spray on bronzer, spray the product on your legs and then massage evenly. But if you don't find that, get a darker foundation (just one shade) than your natural skin tone. Mix the foundation with your favourite moisturiser in equal parts and apply that all over your legs for an even base. 

It's time to shine

Now you need to add the shimmer that will reflect the light. Get a body glitter with minute glitter particles in either mist or powder form and spray/dust that over your base. 

And you're done. Strap on those heels and rock that outfit like a boss!

P.S. If you see that you still have some spots/marks showing up on your legs that you would like to hide, just use the foundation without the moisturiser as a concealer and blend. 

Main Image: Instagram