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How Do You Decide If He's The ​*Right*​ Guy To Marry?

How Do You Decide If He's The ​*Right*​ Guy To Marry?
Finding a perfect guy can be very difficult because… Oh well, nobody's perfect. (No, not even you)! But finding the RIGHT guy is certainly important for a happy married life. It’s way different when you know someone and you’ve been with them for a long time, but finding your Mr Right and deciding whether he’s the one - when you don’t even know him properly - can be quite difficult. But worry not, Quora comes to our rescue! Some people have put forward their tips on how to find the right guy and we hope that these answers help you in making a better decision! Because, after all, there’s more to it than chakkars around a mandap! Keep calm and read on. :-)

1. Nobody’s “perfect”!

Anonymous answers on Quora: “Keep in mind there is nothing like a “perfect guy” or a “perfect girl”, we are humans not god. Everyone behaves nicely initially. You’ve to look at his/her other side (what kind of person he/she is). It’s weird but, take him/her for shopping (specially grocery), it will tell you a lot about that person. Also, looks aren't everything, don’t fall in the trap! Socialize with him/her at least once before reaching the conclusion. You should also see if he/she is jealous when you are with your friends of opposite sex.” how to find the right guy

2. Friendship is the key…

Sakshi Sodhi answers on Quora: “There’s a 360 degree change in a girl’s life after marriage, from her surname to her home, EVERYTHING. So, there should be good communication between the two of you. Compatibility, trust, understanding, honesty, love, compassion, are the most important aspects. But apart from that, a relationship that start from friendship is more is the best kind of relationship and it would be better for the long run. According to me, friendship is the key to a good relationship.” how to find the right guy

3. Your Mr Right Is Someone Who…

Joy Carney answers on Quora: “A man who is at peace with himself - a marriage works best with two basically happy, whole people. He should be polite, kind and thankful. For that, you must observe how he treats his grandparents, the waitresses, children around him and also animals. Anyone can be polite in formal situations, so you need to watch more closely than that.
He should be responsible and hardworking. He could be a self employed, risk taking man or a steady employee, but he should be someone who works hard. He shouldn’t be too picky, because someone who is very particular about their food and surroundings may be hard to please. His family is also a very important aspect because you may marry the person, but you’re going to live with his family so you must ask yourself these questions first- Are they nice people? How does his father treat his mother? (That is what he grew up watching.)” how to find the right guy You can find the full thread on Quora here! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr MUST-READ: WHY Are Men So Quiet During Sex? … Guys Answer! MUST-READ: Living With The In Laws? This Is How Couples Get “Alone Time”!