5 Minute Updo: Watch Me Recreate Shraddha Kapoor's Messy Topknot!

5 Minute Updo: Watch Me Recreate Shraddha Kapoor's Messy Topknot!

I love going through Shraddha Kapoor's feed on the 'Gram because it's so colourful and vibrant. In every picture, she's got her hair and makeup on point. Unlike the rest of B-Town, she does not shy away from playing scientist with beauty. Unfortunately today, her makeup look isn't the focus, it's Shraddha's hairstyle that I've got my eyes on! Since most of us are always on the go, with work, with college, with life in general, it becomes tough to set aside even five minutes to do our hair. Luckily, we have Shraddha to go to for hair inspiration! I found this picture of Shraddha on one of the fan pages and I instantly fell in love with her messy topknot bun. Here, take a look!


It's a no-heat hairstyle that can be wrapped up in just five minutes! If you haven't washed your hair and your roots feel greasy, just spruce them up with a little bit of dry shampoo. That way, your bun would have volume and your hairstyle would look hella gorgeous! 


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Here's How I Recreated Shraddha Kapoor's Messy Topknot

What you need is a hair tie and maybe some bobby pins (optional) 

Step 1: Gather your hair up to the crown area.

Step 2: Make a topknot (Doesn't have to be neat or perfect)



Step 3: Secure the bun with a hair tie.

Step 4: Use your fingers to fluff up the crown area. 

Step 5: Pull out tiny sections of hair and with your fingers twist the section to give that curly effect. Yep, that's all there is to it! Gracing you with a picture of me after completing the hairstyle.

Need visual direction? Watch this cool video tutorial that I made! 

How long did I take to do this hairstyle AGAIN? Just 5 mins! A perfect hairdo to wear to gym, for a walk, for yoga or even to work. No heat and no product was used to create this hairstyle. However, feel free to play around with hair accessories like bows, ribbons and clips, to add a personal touch. Give it a try and let me know if it worked for you. You're welcome!