What Do Guys Think About Meeting Girls Online? (Honest Answers!)

What Do Guys Think About Meeting Girls Online? (Honest Answers!)
We all have tried online dating at least once in our lifetime, haven’t we? Be it with the flirty guy on our Facebook account, or be it the one we met through an online dating app… And we have a few preconceived notions about guys when it comes to meeting someone online. After all, people even get married because of online chatting, forget about just dating. But have you ever heard the other side of the story? Obviously, you have discussed online dating with your girl gang, but what about the guys? What do they think about meeting someone online?
Well, here are a few real life answers that are absolutely honest. Not all of it is stuff we knew - so definitely be prepared to be surprised!

1. Apparently, online dating is exactly like sex...

Kai Peter Chang answers on Quora: Online dating is perfectly symbolized by the very act of sex and fertilization itself: - one egg surrounded by millions of furiously squirming sperm all trying to get in. Nearly every sperm will die trying, with the exception of the lucky one whose combination of attributes (strength & stamina) and starting position happen to connect with the egg. 1 meeting someone online

2. Winning the dating game? It only happens by being different from the rest!

Andrew Ross Long answers on Quora: How do you stand out on a dating site? You have to be different, and the main ways to do this are through your profile, and through your messages.You have to craft messages that demonstrate that you've read the woman's profile, that demonstrate your superior intellect, your superior humor, your fascinating ability to lead and tell stories, etc.

3. You CAN’T always be yourself

Wouter Smet answers on Quora: Online dating is a 'skill' like any other, and that includes real-life dating. Don't just 'be yourself', dare to experiment in aspects of highlighting yourself and how to communicate, and learn what 'works'.
3 meeting someone online

4. But it CAN also be fun and a great way to figure stuff out

Nick Nguyen answers on Quora: I'm not the kind of person who operates under the assumption that single women, by virtue of their being single and unattached, would be interested in a relationship with me.  So I'm not going to approach someone cute and start chatting them up with the intent to ask them out.  What I found nice about online dating was the context it provided.  Sure, you are meeting strangers, but you are meeting strangers who have pre-vetted you in some way by looking at your profile.  Just knowing that the person you're meeting is considering you the same way you are considering them takes a lot of pressure off. Want to know more? Read the full thread here on Quora. MUST-READ: Why Do We Want To Know EVERY Tiny Detail When We’re Cheated On? MUST READ: Living With The In Laws? This Is How Couples Get “Alone Time”!