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#GoGreen: Did You Know That House Plants Can Help Improve Your Skin?

#GoGreen: Did You Know That House Plants Can Help Improve Your Skin?

Dear Millennials, you now have a new best friend! And no, it's not a puppy or a kitten - it's a plant! Why should you decorate your house with Mother Nature's offsprings, you ask? Well, let's see, they're affordable, fairly low-maintenance, make pretty Instagram props, good for your mental health, and surprisingly, good for your skin as well.

Did we just mention skin? Hell yeah! Plants are actually good for your skin because they increase the moisture in the air and prevent your skin from experiencing dryness and flakiness. How is that possible though? Simple! Through the process of evapotranspiration (the process of a plant losing water through its leaves and soil)

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However, not every plant has these superpowers. You need to pick one that requires more water to sustain itself as compared to others like a cactus or a bonsai. Consider bringing home a peace lily or an Ivy. Peace lilies are also called closet plants and they're pretty easy to take care of. Make sure to water them once a week and change the fertilizer and soil once a year. As for the Ivy plant, they too make great indoor plants. Make sure you've placed the Ivy where sunlight is abundant. Compared to the peace lily, you may have to water the Ivy plant a little more often. Two to three times a week should be good enough. Always check the soil before you water the plant. If the soil is damp, you don't need to water the plant immediately. Only add water when the soil is dry.

Also FYI, there is more than one variety of Ivy houseplants. English Ivy is the most common one from the lot. If you're lucky, you can find other exotic Ivy houseplants such as Irish, Persian, Nepal, Algerian, Russian, and Japanese at plant stores. In a nutshell, these two plants are worth every penny.  

You'll need more than one indoor plant to see the difference on your skin though. So, feel free to bring home other plant species too. Actually, the more, the merrier! Pick plants that come in different shapes, sizes, and colours. Apart from making your skin feel soft, hydrated, and supple, plants also trap dust particles, prevent odour, and purify the air. They bring positivity to your space and help you feel energised, calm, and content each time you make contact with them.

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