8 Times Yo Yo Honey Singh & Badshah Made Us Go WTF?!

8 Times Yo Yo Honey Singh & Badshah Made Us Go WTF?!
Yeah yeah, we know it’s fun dancing to their beats, but when we listen carefully to their songs, we realize how absurd they really are. We’re talking about none other than Hridesh Singh and Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia. Confused? Arey! Yo Yo Honey Singh and Badshah, guys! Those were their real names…! Most of their songs are about girls, booze, cars and umm…GIRLS! Leave the double meanings aside, their songs are actually quite WTF?! Here are 8 lines from their songs that blew our minds… (No, like really!)

1. Dhoyegi tu kachche, aur gande bartan. Dekhegi saas bahu aur Durdarshan, ban ke reh jayegi tu house biwi, aur chaubis ghante tera yaar hoga on TV!

Translation: You’ll be washing dirty underwear and dirty utensils. You’ll watch daily soaps on TV, and you’ll just be a housewife while I’ll be on TV 24x7! Seriously? WTF?! Does that misogynistic nonsense even make sense? No, right?! Just like most of Mr. Yo Yo Honey Singh’s songs! 1 honey singh and badshah

2. Chocolate na hoti to phir socho kaisa hota? Bournvita na hota to phir doodh ka kya hota? Socho Honey Singh hi agar paida hua na hota… Toh phir music industry ka revolution hi nahi hota!

Translation: What if there was no chocolate? What would milk be like if there was no Bournvita? What if Honey Singh wasn’t born...then there wouldn’t have been a revolution in the music industry! By revolution, do you mean degrading it? Because if you ask us, your lyrics are too offensive to everything that has mind! 2 honey singh and badshah

3. Oh baby oh baby ek baat toh bataa. Tere baare mein suni hai ek afwah… Happy Birthday saal me tu char baar manati hai, apna ek na kharche, kharcha laundon ka karwati hai. LV, selvi, Gucci, Vucci kya kya tu mangwati hai. Itna kharcha karke bhi tu nakhre dikhatai hai…

Translation: Baby tell me one thing, I’ve heard a rumour that you celebrate your birthday four times a year. You don’t spend a penny, guys pay your bills. You ask for expensive stuff from LV and Gucci, and even after making me spend so much you act pricey! Okay, hold on! What kind of girls are you hanging out with? Seriously...girls like that exist only in your imaginary world where you ‘revolutionize’ the music industry! Anyway, when are you planning to act like a grown up? WHEN? 3 honey singh and badshah

4. Party ho ri bahut bhayankar, party ke gajab nazaare, dikkat hai bas ek baat ki - gaon mein hai kayi taau kunwaare. Nikkar wali chhori ne ye vodka chadha rakhi hai, ek khatam na ho ri iss se doosri mangwa rakhi hai…

Translation: The party is a bash with hot chicks all around, but there’s just one problem - there are so many single guys around here. This girl in shorts is high on vodka, she can’t even finish one drink but she has ordered another one… You mean to say that girls can’t party when there are single guys around? And why does it bother you if a girl has ordered another drink? Mind your own business, maybe?
4 honey singh and badshah Now moving on to the times when Mr. Badshah made us go WTF…

5. Kisse tu sharma rahi hai? Scene chalenge khulam khulle. Jinka zor nahi chalta baby unko phad ke lekhe gye thulle. Police ki tension mat liyo, minister apna bhai hai. Jo naako pe khade hain, inki bharti maine karayi hai.

Translation: Why are you feeling shy? The scene is on, and those who have no influence have already been arrested by the cops. Don’t worry about the police, I know the minister. Those who are standing at the check posts, I’ve helped them get through. What are you? Twelve? Even a twelve year old guy makes more sense than you do! You should be arrested by the police men you’re talking about, then you’ll know! 5 honey singh and badshah

6. Gaadi two seater, banda main alone. Mujhse tu baat kar, kya dekhti hai phone? Aaja mere paas mein daal doon chabi tere ignition mein, let me turn you on...

Translation: I have a two seater car, and I’m alone. You talk to me, why are you looking at your phone? Come closer to me, I’ll put the key in your ignition, let me turn you on… No we’re not kidding, this is a song! And okay, keeping our dirty mind aside… Who are you flirting with, Badshah? A girl or a car? What is happening to the world? *Leaves the planet* 6 honey singh and badshah

7. Kudiyan da gang te mundeyan di toli, kaafi kuch hoga but slowly slowly. Naach naach ke thak gaya hoon, daaru peeke akk gaya hoon. Mujhko ninni aa rahi hai, sath mein apne sone do.

Translation: A gang of girls and a gang of guys, a lot will happen...but gradually! I’m tired of dancing and drinking. I’m feeling sleepy, let me sleep with you. Again…what are you, five? Who says ‘ninni’ instead of ‘neend’? Okay moving on...WHY should a girl let you sleep with her? Because you’re sleepy? *Knock knock* Common sense, where are you?
7 honey singh and badshah

8. Jitne ki tu le ri car...utne ke mere gale mein haar!

Translation: I’m wearing necklaces worth the price of your car! Really? And we know small babies who make more sense than you do! #JustSaying 8 honey singh and badshah If you’re tired of Honey Singh’s ‘Love Dose’ and you want a good dose of laughter, check out this Yo Yo Honey Singh vs Badshah video by East India Comedy! It gave us tears of laughter, we’re sure it’ll make you laugh out loud! So whose lyrics do you think are more WTF? GIFs: Tumblr