Yeh Outfit Kya Kehlata Hai: Did Hina Khan Just Wear Her Worst Ensemble Ever?

Yeh Outfit Kya Kehlata Hai: Did Hina Khan Just Wear Her Worst Ensemble Ever?

Hina is that fashionista (well, mostly) who is always one of the best-dressed people in the room. We have loved most of her looks so far, whether it's a beautiful Indian outfit or an outfit in the perfect colour combination for dusky skin. Even when she was on Bigg Boss, she was clearly the most stylish of all the contestants in the house. But Hina's recent airport look came as a shocker to us. And you can believe us when we say this because even her biggest fans are not impressed.


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If you ask us, 'Could this be Hina Khan's worst outfit?', we would hate to lie to you. There's so much that is wrong with this outfit that even we can't wrap our heads around it.

First, she's wearing ill-fitted clothes and boxy silhouettes. There's not one piece that balances out the anti-fit. Second, it looks like she's wearing orthopedic shoes, no offence. Third, the overcoat by itself isn't half bad, neither are the distressed jeans, but they both belong with other pieces. The jeans with a fitted white t-shirt maybe, and the coat with a relaxed dress. And finally, the clear sunglasses and the chain-strap bag aren't helping either.

Don't get us wrong, we're all about comfort wear, nobody should have to wear a bodycon on a flight. But this ensemble just makes us wonder if Hina wasn't even trying. 

So fashion junkies, consider this a cautionary tale.

And Hina, criticism aside, we're still rooting for your next knockout look!

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