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Hina Khan Calls Out Shilpa Shinde For Tweeting An *Adult* Video

Hina Khan Calls Out Shilpa Shinde For Tweeting An *Adult* Video

Bigg Boss has been over for a while now, but its finalists Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde are still at loggerheads. This time, the battleground is Twitter and the bone of contention is an adult video that the winner Shilpa uploaded to refute all rumours that it is she in a compromising position with a man. This controversy was also a topic of discussion inside the Bigg Boss house.

The video with her lookalike had gone viral on the internet a while ago and Shilpa Shinde seems to be clarifying that it is not her. However, the move didn’t go down well with Hina Khan and her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal who objected to Shilpa uploading a pornographic clip on her page. Rocky pointed out to Shilpa in a tweet that she hasn’t taken consent from the woman to upload this video and Hina said celebrities should be responsible because their tweets reach millions of people.

While many Tweeple are standing by Shilpa, others are raising concerns over her sharing an obscene video on a public platform where underage kids can easily get access to it. They are also questioning, why now? It’s an old controversy that she reignited with this tweet.

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