Single On Valentine's Day? Not Me, I'm Committed To My Love For Memes

Single On Valentine's Day? Not Me, I'm Committed To My Love For Memes

The ceremonious day of love, aka Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which get ready to laugh out loud 'coz *Valentine’s Day memes* are coming! No wait, they have already arrived-- hilariously!

The hashtag #ValentinesDay is getting a lot of ‘love’ on Twitter and upon exploring, I was blessed with tweeple sharing their plans for the day. Not just their plans, people are not shying away from posting their true feelings about V-Day and trust me, it’s not what you’re expecting.

Are You Ready To ROFL?

If all the love overdose makes you gag harder than watching Rakhi Sawant’s Instagram videos, you’re in for a sweet surprise, my friend!

Sounds Like A Legit Plan, TBH!

Error: Boyfriend: Not Found!

OYO Rooms Be Making Dolla Dolla Bill$

Getting Ready For The Performance Of A Lifetime

Why Would You Even Ask That?!

Aren't We All?

In Today's Masterclass: How To Lose A Girl In Ten Seconds!

New Year, New Me...And A New Boyfriend?!

BRB, Bae Is In Arnab...Umm Airplane Mode

One Last Attempt

Table for one, please!

Giving Away All My Discarded Shoes Today

Guys, TBH, it's pressure if you're single and pressure if you're dating someone. For some, it's noticing flowers and cards popping up in every single shop you walk into. And for others, it's just another day with their gang of girls (I'm all for Galentine's Day). Whichever gang you fall into, aren't memes the ultimate language of love?


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