7 People Reveal… Their *Funniest* Thoughts During Sex!

7 People Reveal… Their *Funniest* Thoughts During Sex!
Sometimes even when you are with your guy, your mind is elsewhere. And girls, let’s be realistic, everyone’s mind wanders here and there once in a while. And so when it comes to sex, it’s common to have random thoughts while you are at it. You could be wondering about how your faces look or thinking about the awkward silence of the room, and you know what, it’s okay. We have all been there. And here are 7 people - just like us - sharing some of the most hilarious thoughts they have had amidst their sexual euphoria.

1. Well played, god, well played!

1 thoughts during sex

2. Kill me NOW!

2 thoughts during sex

3. OK! No one panics… Check the lock once you’re done.

3 thoughts during sex

4. Okay, we are almost sure that this is a guy…

4 thoughts during sex

5. Which one is better… Hmm??

5 thoughts during sex

6. That’s one thought we’ve all had!

6 thoughts during sex

7. What’s wrong with you?! *Wink*

7 thoughts during sex You can view the full story here on Whisper. These definitely tickled our funny bones! Images: Whisper