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‘The Funniest Thing I’ve Done With My Partner…’ 7 People Share!

‘The Funniest Thing I’ve Done With My Partner…’ 7 People Share!

Once you’ve been in a long-term relationship, your boyfriend is someone you open up to very easily. Sweet, spicy and fun - all your adventures happen hand-in-hand because you become everything to each other. You are each others BFFs and that’s just beautiful! You guys also do some crazy things together which are too hilarious to share with others, right? Here are some confessions we found on Reddit where couples shared weird things they do with each other and it’s all SO funny!

1. The one where the guy’s girlfriend made clothes for his...penis!

Chaiteayum answers on Reddit: She made clothes for my penis. Seriously. There were multiple outfits - tux, bear, Ken from street fighter, Santa, etc.

1 things couple do - girl and guy sitting

2. The one where they pretend to be caterpillars…

AaronAar0n answers on Reddit: We laid out a large blanket, rolled over top each other till we were wrapped up. Then pretended to be caterpillars.

3. The one where the guy straightens his girlfriend's hair!

Beeanchor13 answers on Reddit: My BF really likes my hair straight, but I have so much of it, I can’t straighten it all the time, so he'll do it for me. We chuck on a movie and I sit there, whilst he brushes and straightens my hair.

3 things couple do - girl  with straight hair

4. The one where they blow air in each other’s mouth while kissing!

FreeToiletPaper answers on Reddit: One time when we kissed, I blew a load of air into her mouth. This became our thing. Our odd thing.

5. The one where they discuss all the serious topics while in bed, for example, say...poo chills!

Anonymous answers on Reddit: Wife and I are laying in bed right now talking about poo chills. You know, those chills that run through your body when the sudden urge to shit comes on.

5 things couple do - couple in bed

6. The one where the boyfriend puts up a butt show for his girl!

TITS_IN_MY_ASS answers on Reddit: Whenever my GF comments on how big my butt is, she starts singing ‘bubble butt’ by major lazer and then I twerk in front of her until she's satisfied with the performance.

7. The one where they walk around wearing same pajamas at the same time...

Brennicus answers on Reddit: We fit both of us into my huge pajama pants and tried to walk around. It didn't work very well but we found it hysterical.

7 things couple do - selena gomez laughing

You can read the full thread here on Reddit.

These are hilarious!

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