12 *PMS* Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry!

12 *PMS* Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry!
PMS is the worst time of the month. You are happy and sad and confused and angry. Everything in the world seems to annoy the hell out of you and there’s literally nothing you can do to get rid of that feeling. Well, some woman on Twitter expressed exactly how we all feel when we’re PMSing and it’s the most honest thing you’ll ever read. So guys here, go ahead and read these hilarious tweets.

1. That moment when your boobs are all tender and swollen.

1 hilarious PMS tweets Source: peachxharry on Twitter

2. “Did I just...?” *Checks* “Arrgghh! Yes, I did.”

2 hilarious PMS tweets Source: badg4lrihanna on Twitter

3. Yeah, f*** you, uterus!

3 hilarious PMS tweets Source: amandaseales on Twitter

4. Just PMS things! :P

4 hilarious PMS tweets Source: Dawn_M_ on Twitter

5. Better PMSing than pregnant!

5 hilarious PMS tweets Source: helloalonemoore on Twitter

6. Umm, never gonna happen guys.  

6 hilarious PMS tweets Source: bananafitz on Twitter

7. Mood swings! UFF!

7 hilarious PMS tweet Source: samimain on Twitter

8. STOP! People need to stop blaming everything on our periods.

8 hilarious PMS tweet Source: AminaJanahii on Twitter

9. Yeah…but this still doesn’t change the fact that we hate periods.

9 hilarious PMS tweet Source: Bluemoonbaby77 on Twitter

10. When your uterus is mad at you for not being preggers...

10 hilarious PMS tweet Source: meaniebarbie on Twitter

11. Hungry. Uneasy. Irritated. Needy. - Everything at once.  

11 hilarious PMS tweet Source: NYC_Blonde on Twitter

12. “Why, God, why?” *Cries*

12 hilarious PMS tweet Source: laraeparker on Twitter Yep, we can relate to each and every tweet!