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What Guys Think About The *Penis* vs What Girls Think!

What Guys Think About The *Penis* vs What Girls Think!

So what comes to your mind when we say the word ‘penis’. No, don’t tell us but just think. And of course, we aren’t talking about its literal meaning. Confused? Well, don’t be. We turned to Urban Dictionary to discover some hilarious definitions of the word ‘penis’ and found something super interesting. Check out what it means to guys vs what it means to girls. We bet you’d agree with these definitions.
What It Means To Guys 1. One of two things men keep after a divorce. 2. If you're a man - it's that thing between your legs. If you're a woman, it's that thing that should be between your legs. 2 penis definitons 3. Pleasure making machine for both sexes. 4. Something women can't live without. 4 penis confessions 5. The only reason women keep us around. What It Means To Girls 1. Something most men wish were bigger. 2. The thing that makes or breaks a relationship. 2 penis confessions (girls) 3. Something that has gotten a lot of men into trouble. 4. The thing that men often mistake for their brain. 4 penis confessions (girls) 5. Because of having these, men use them as an excuse to watch sport instead of chick-flicks, buy beer instead of nice wine and not ring when they say they are going to. Source: Urban Dictionary Weren’t they hilarious?
Published on Apr 18, 2017
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